Finding the balance

This is all unknown territory for me. I know how to train for a marathon but this is totally different. I’ve had a bit of a wobble this week, should I be running more/am I doing too much? I’ve done my two club runs this week, both around 6/7 miles, I’ve also done my usual boot camps.

This week’s long run wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for. My logic was ok- short of time, road half marathon next weekend so let’s do a long road run this weekend. On Saturday morning Louise, Will and I set off for a 15 mile run. We all like off-road running better but it would be fine. One of the benefits of off-road running is that it’s kinder to your joints, I’d had a bit of pain in my hip overnight so I had an inkling there’d be a few niggles. As the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone and the thigh bone’s connected to knee bone etc etc I got a fair bit of pain in my knee from about 10 miles on. It’s not pain, it’s a niggle, it will be fine. It hurt, the run was hard and as soon as I got home I was googling “how to tape up knee”. I wouldn’t say the run provided me with the growing confidence that comes from good training. More a panicky feeling wondering whether I’m broken and if this is the end of the road. Maybe new trainers will sort it.

Today my knee feels ok but I haven’t done any exercise. This is where your mind plays tricks on you and alternates between “I need to run more miles, I’m not training enough” and “you’re overdoing it, that’s why things hurt”. As most of my friends (and family) still don’t know I’m doing this I’m limited in who I can send panicked messages too. The obvious candidate is the person running it with me, a no nonsense “first priority is get to the start line. You’ve done marathons, you can do the distance ” helped. We’re contrasting personalities.

I’ve got a mini massage booked on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. It’ll all be fine.